Caledonian Structures in Britain: south of the Midland Valley
Treagus, J.E. (ed.)
GCR Volume No. 3
This volume deals with those sites selected as part of the Geological Conservation Review within the southern British part of the Caledonides – a Caledonian terrane without strong and pervasive deformation and metamorphism, such as occurred further north. It is of particular interest because the former Caledonian mountain chain, which can be seen today in fragmented pieces in Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland and North America, was ultimately the result of the collision of two continental plates and the closure of a fomer ocean, Iapetus.
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177 pages, illustrations, A4 hardback
ISBN 0 41247 560 X
Please cite as: Treagus, J.E. (ed.) (1992) Caledonian Structures in Britain: south of the Midland Valley, Geological Conservation Review Series, No. 3, Chapman and Hall, London, 177 pp.