Protection and management of nationally important Marine habitats and species
Prepared by English Nature based on the views of a sample of members of the DETR Working Group on the Review of Marine Nature Conservation
Laffoley, D. d'A. & Bines, T.


The DETR Review of Marine Nature Conservation Working Group first met on 10 September 1999. It was formed as a result of the Government's consultation a year earlier on better protection and management for Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The aims of the Working Group are:
  • evaluating the success of previous statutory and voluntary marine nature conservation measures and identifying examples of current best practice and existing barriers to successful marine conservation objectives;
  • putting forward practical and proportionate proposals for improving marine nature conservation in England, which may also inform separate proposals for marine conservation in Wales; and
  • finalising recommendations by the end of 2000.

The review process will:
  • focus primarily on marine nature conservation between the mean low water mark and the 12 mile limit of UK territorial waters;
  • take account of but not seek to duplicate international, European and national marine conservation initiatives;
  • take into account the current protection mechanisms in the intertidal zone and proposed changes to the SSSI regime;
  • take account of the implications of its recommendations both for maritime users and for other regulatory regimes beyond territorial waters and covering the intertidals;
  • take into consideration other developing Government policies in the marine environment; and
  • consider recent developments in marine nature conservation thinking.


The review group's final report will be presented to DETR Ministers and the National Assembly for Wales.
At the second meeting of the Review Group on 2 November 1999, in addition to agreeing the above Terms of Reference, English Nature offered to draft a paper as a think piece which would take into account issues such as existing legislation and its adequacy, the wider sea - quality, pollution, hazardous substances, environmental assessments, by-catch, plans and projects, relevant authorities, a legislative framework for site protection and powers for Ministers.
It was agreed that English Nature should produce a paper, drawing in the group, which will be open to the group for consultation and discussion. This report is provided in fulfilment of that action.
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