Marine Protected Areas Technical Group

The Marine Protected Areas Technical Group, an executive-level technical group, was established in parallel with a non-executive sub-group of the JNCC Committee (MPA Sub Group) to facilitate a co-ordinated approach to Marine Protected Areas work, and provide the necessary assurances to Joint Committee.
The Marine Protected Areas Technical Group replaced the Marine Natura Project Group.
The group addresses technical issues and policy-relevant aspects of Marine Protected Areas work including Natura and new national MPAs established under domestic legislation. The group is chaired by JNCC’s Marine Director, or their nominated representative. It allows the country conservation agencies to discuss common issues across the UK and resolve issues where needed prior to submission to the Joint Committee and/or the equivalent bodies of the other country conservation agencies.  Meetings are held three times a year in January, May and September and are supported by a Secretariat provided by JNCC.  The Terms of Reference for the Group are available and minutes of previous meetings are below.


Agendas of Recent Meetings


Minutes of Previous Meetings

The minutes of past meetings are made available once they have been formally approved by the group at the subsequent meeting.


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