JNCC report series

JNCC publishes reports arising from its scientific work on a wide range of topics under the series title JNCC Reports (ISSN 0963 8091). For more details contact the communications team:  tel 01733 866844 or Email: Communications@jncc.gov.uk


Wilson, L.J., Booth, C.G., Burt, L., Verfuss, U.K. & Thomas, L.
The scope of this project was to design a robust monitoring approach to allow the collection of data on the distribution of harbour porpoise through time within the cSAC and the wider area, so that continued contribution of the cSAC to the species Conservation Status can be gauged.
O’Brien, S., Ruffino, L., Lehikoinen, P., Johnson, L., Lewis, M., Petersen, A., Petersen, I.K., Okill, D., Väisänen, R., Williams, J. & Williams, S.
The aim of this project was to reduce consent risk for offshore wind development in areas of high red-throated diver density, through improved understanding of diver energetic budgets in the non-breeding season.
Pavitt, A., Britton-Williams, N., Chadwick, W., Banks, S.E., McLardy, C., Malsch, K., Littlewood, A.H.L. & Fleming, L.V.
This report provides a detailed analysis of trade in CITES-listed taxa to and from the United Kingdom (UK) undertaken, in part, to inform the UK’s preparations for leaving the European Union (EU).
Doggett, M., Baldock, L. & Goudge, H.
The current study area for the proposed deep-sea national marine reserve includes a spatial overlap with ten MPAs.
Robson, L.M., Fincham, J., Peckett, F.J., Frost, N., Jackson, C., Carter, A.J. & Matear, L.
The pressures-activities database “PAD” (2018) is a revised version of the PAD (2015) developed by JNCC using the outputs of the Defra-commissioned contract ME5218 (Defra 2015).
Girvan, M., Pecnik, G., Smith, M., Grant, H. & Beagley, L.
This report aims to highlight the biodiversity associated risks and opportunities faced by tertiary sector business and present evidenced case studies to support and encourage greater integration of biodiversity into business decisions.
Pocock, M.J.O.
This report details the responses to an assessment by the Terrestrial Surveillance Development and Analysis (TSDA) project of the UK’s environmental public bodies’ needs for biodiversity information.
Papadopoulou, L., McEntaggart, K. & Etienne, J.
This report presents the findings from a review of approaches to the communication of uncertainty in the context of advice to decision-makers.
McGarry, T., de Silva, R., Canning, S., Mendes, S., Prior, A., Stephenson, S. & Wilson, J.
This report is intended to be an accessible summary reference guide to acoustic deterrent devices for statutory nature conservation body (SNCB) advisors and practitioners considering their use to deter marine mammals from areas where there is a risk of injury.
Bowgen, K. & Cook, A.
This study assesses the results of the ORJIP BCA project, using data both from that project and from other surveys of the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm study site.

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