UK Forum - Biodiversity Indicators


Biodiversity indicators portray the status of, and trends in, biodiversity, as well as related pressures and responses. They operate at international, UK, country, regional, local and sectoral levels. Indicator initiatives share common data resources and a common purpose of enabling policy development, and/or actions to take better account of the implications for biodiversity.  However, differences also exist between biodiversity indicators, such as differences in context, methods of calculation, presentation and interpretation.



The Forum exists to facilitate exchange of experience in the development and use of biodiversity indicators in the UK, at a range of scales and including sectoral applications. Its focus is on biodiversity indicators only.



Specifically, the objectives of the Forum are to:
• take stock of activity on biodiversity indicators in the UK;
• explore the need for a network for consultation, information exchange and co-ordination;
• provide information on UK and European initiatives on biodiversity indicators;
• identify data sources currently available which would support effective development and use of indicators;
• identify gaps in information, shared problems and research requirements.
The UK Biodiversity Indicators Forum meets as necessary. The presentations and meeting reports are available here.
July 2013 -  7th Forum
December 2012 - 6th Forum
March 2011 - 5th Forum
October 2006 - 4th Forum
July 2004 - 3rd Forum
June 2003 - 2nd Forum
March 2002 - 1st Forum