The Marine Stewardship Report

The Marine Stewardship Report (MSR), which was published on 1 May 2002, sets out the Government's vision for clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas.
The Report commits the Government to a framework of new initiatives that will enhance marine nature conservation, conserve biodiversity, improve management of our marine resources and develop scientific research to help Government make more informed policy decisions.
Action being taken includes the pilot scheme in the Irish sea, as the next stage of the Review of Marine Nature Conservation.
The Government will be consulting on a proposal to publish the second MSR in the form of the State of Our Seas report. This will not only assess the state of the seas around the UK but will also assess progress made in delivering our vision at a holistic level. This report is aimed to be published in late 2004 following completion and assessment of the Irish Sea pilot project, which was set up to determine the limits of existing marine nature conservation and identify whether an ecosystem-based approach to marine nature conservation will work. Further reports will be published at regular intervals, roughly every three years.