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Excellent high-quality data from sites across the UK which enables us to produce population trends for many of our more common breeding birds at UK and country scale.
The UKs seas host some of the most diverse habitats in Europe, from vibrant cold-water coral reefs to towering underwater mountains.
The 2017 UK MCCIP report card demonstrates the effect climate change has on UK seas and coastlines. MCCIP concluded “UK seabirds face an uncertain future because of climate change and its potential interaction with other factors.”
JNCC have launched the fifth in a series of eight offshore MPA showcase videos
A new report card by the UK Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) demonstrates the important effects climate change is having on UK seas and coastlines.
JNCC Chairman Chris Gilligan has been reappointed for a term of three years.
The OSPAR Commission has just launched a major new assessment of the state of our marine environment and the pressures caused by marine activities and JNCC has played a key part in helping to assess the biodiversity elements of the report.
The majority of UK butterfly species experienced a decline in number in 2016 according to latest statistics.
Chief Fisheries & Ocean Governance Officer, Alwyn Ponteen received advanced training in the use and analysis of IVMS data at the Succorfish office in February. This was followed by meetings with UK fisheries experts.
As part of the UKs commitment to the implementation of the EU Habitats Directive five harbour porpoise SACs have been submitted to the European Commission.

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