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Following a 2017 public consultation, the Irish Sea Front site proposal has now been classified under the EU Birds Directive as the Irish Sea Front Special Protection Area, to protect rare and vulnerable birds and regularly occurring migratory birds.
To celebrate this year's International Men's Day, JNCC are focusing on a different staff member each day for a week. Today is James Hutchinson, Senior Analyst with the Terrestrial Evidence Team.
Selected by the Natural Environment Research Council, JNCC has been chosen, as part of a new ‘BLUEPRINT' consortium, to build capacity in public engagement with marine environmental research across the UK.
JNCC's Yolanda Arjona, a Marine Fisheries Advisor based in Aberdeen, is attending IMPAC4 to give a presentation on 'Designing and managing a network of Marine Protected Areas: a UK overview'.
Marcus Yeo, JNCC CEO “It was great for our scientists to be able to chat to the Minister and give her an insight into the work we do across the UK and internationally.”
The British Ecological Society has announced its annual awards and prizes, with JNCC's Professor Christine Maggs receiving the Equality and Diversity Champion award.
A public consultation has been launched, on proposed amendments to the boundaries of two offshore Special Areas of Conservation (SACs); Braemar Pockmarks lies approximately 240km to the east of the Orkney Islands and 80km north-east of Scanner Pockmark.
Excellent high-quality data from sites across the UK which enables us to produce population trends for many of our more common breeding birds at UK and country scale.
The UKs seas host some of the most diverse habitats in Europe, from vibrant cold-water coral reefs to towering underwater mountains.

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