Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the CITES

JNCC contributes to the development of Government policy by providing sound scientific advice, as well as advising Government on licence applications (c.20,000 p.a.)  for CITES-listed species regulated under the European legislation. We also participate in delegations to national, European and international meetings.

Building partnerships between the UK Overseas Territories

JNCC facilitating Territory to Territory partnerships

Exchanging documents to initiate a Territory to Territory partnership project between the Government of Montserrat and the Falkland Islands Government Institute SAERI

Launch of MNR

Marine Noise Registry is now LIVE! 

JNCC & Defra develop Marine Noise Registry to record human activities in UK seas that produce underwater impulsive noise which can affect marine organisms from fish to marine mammals by masking sounds used to communicate and find food, to physical injury and even death.

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Deep Links MPA Connectivity project

JNCC proud partner in this successful project


Proposal for 200 mile MPA in UK Overseas Territory

St Helena put forward Exclusive Economic Zone as Marine Protected Area

Marine Management Plan developed as an output of JNCC managed and Darwin-funded project.


Latest Breeding Bird Survey

Data taken from 3,731 BBS squares

Report shows Turtle Dove population is in a tailspin

UK Species conservation

Designated species collation now updated

Conservation designations for over 12,000 UK Taxa

UK National Contact Point  

JNCC is the UK LIFE National Contact Point from January 2016



UK Biodiversity Framework

The framework is designed to show how the work of the four UK countries joins up with work at a UK level to achieve the ‘Aichi targets’ and the aims of the EU biodiversity strategy. Read the framework

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Nature News

David Stroud awarded NBN Memorial Medal

JNCC's Senior Ornithologist, David Stroud MBE, has been awarded NBN's Sir John Burnett Memorial Medal.

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David Stroud MBE receives the Sir John Burnett Memorial Medal from the Earl of Selborne © NBN

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