National Plant Monitoring Scheme

National Plant Monitoring Scheme - Every Flower Counts

JNCC supporting the NPMS, which will fill a significant gap in UK biodiversity surveillance.

Common sunstar (Crossaster papposus) on rocky substrata with encrusting sponges, bryozoa and ascidans © JNCC/Cefas

MCZ Tranche Two Consultation

JNCC provided scientific advice to Defra on offshore recommended MCZs considered for designation in 2015. These sites, together with other types of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), will help to deliver the UK government’s vision of ‘clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas’.

Bumblebee (Bombus lucorum agg.) © Marilyn Peddle_Creative Commons license

UK Biodiversity Indicators 2014

Published on 4 December, including new measures on public engagement, biodiversity data for decision making, status of surface water bodies, and pollinators.

Grey Wagtail © Jill Pakenham/BTO
Grey Wagtail © Jill Pakenham/BTO

Official Statistics

Bird population trends in 2013 revealed

The latest results from the Breeding Birds Survey have been published on BTO’s website. This survey relies on the efforts of thousands of volunteer recorders and shows how bird populations are faring in the UK.


UK Biodiversity Framework

The framework is designed to show how the work of the four UK countries joins up with work at a UK level to achieve the ‘Aichi targets’ and the aims of the EU biodiversity strategy. Read the framework

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Nature News

Nature News 31

Issue 31: Winter 2013-2014 edition of JNCC's Nature News.

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Anemone at The Canyons © MESH