JNCC_NGO Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Group



JNCC and many Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have a strong common purpose to support nature conservation in the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) and Crown Dependencies (CDs). There are benefits in these bodies working together, utilising their distinct and unique roles to achieve a more collective approach. One mechanism for achieving this is through the JNCC/NGO Overseas Territories & Crown Dependencies Group.



To facilitate conservation bodies outside the UKOTs and CDs to support the nature conservation work in the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies through:

1.    A more coordinated approach

2.    Shared understanding of priorities

3.    More efficient use of resources

4.    Exchange of knowledge.


The Terms of Reference for the group are outlined below.




The list of people on the circulation list is  is available below.


Meeting 6 - 5th May 2015 - JNCC/NGOs UKOT/CD workshop.

Common areas of shared interest workshop report


Meeting 5 - 12th January 2015 - sub group.


Meeting note


Meeting 4 - 15th December 2014


Paper 1: Numbering of papers

Paper 2: Circulation list

Paper 3: Update on UKOT data access project

Paper 4: Update on UKOT target mapping

Paper 5: Sub-group TORs.

Meeting Note


Meeting 3 - 12th September 2014


Paper 1: UK Overseas Territories Biodiversity Data Access Project

Paper 2: Proposed priority conservation actions

Paper 3: Life lionfish project update.

Meeting Note


Meeting 2 - 1st July 2014


Paper 1: Terms of Reference and ways of working

Paper 2: JNCC OT strategic priorities for 2016-2017

Meeting Note


Meeting 1 - 8th January 2014.


Paper 1: JNCC's Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Programme

Participating Organisation backgrounds

Meeting Note