SPA description
(information as published 2001)

Portsmouth Harbour

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Portsmouth Harbour is located on the central south coast of England. It is a large industrialised estuary and includes one of the four largest expanses of mud-flats and tidal creeks on the south coast of Britain. The mud-flats support large beds of Narrow-leaved Eelgrass Zostera angustifolia and Dwarf Eelgrass Z. noltii, extensive green algae beds, mainly Enteromorpha species, and Sea Lettuce Ulva lactuca. Portsmouth Harbour has only a narrow connection to the sea via the Solent, and receives comparatively little fresh water, thus giving it an unusual hydrology. The site supports important numbers of wintering Dark-bellied Brent Goose Branta b. bernicla, which feed also in surrounding agricultural areas away from the SPA. 


Qualifying species

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This site qualifies under Article 4.2 of the Directive (79/409/EEC) by supporting populations of European importance of the following migratory species:
Over winter;
Dark-bellied Brent Goose Branta bernicla bernicla, 2,847 individuals representing at least 0.9% of the wintering Western Siberia/Western Europe population (5 year peak mean 1991/2 - 1995/6)



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