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(information as published 2001)

Kinveachy Forest

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Kinveachy Forest is located within the Spey Valley of the central Scottish Highlands. It is an important area of Caledonian pine forest and moorland, lying south-west of Carrbridge on either side of the River Dulnain. The structure of the woodland is variable, with dense stands of mature woodland separated by areas of open moorland with scattered trees. The site is important for a number of specialist birds of native pinewoods, including Scottish Crossbill Loxia scotica (Britain's only endemic bird species) and Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus


Qualifying species

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 This site qualifies under Article 4.1 of the Directive (79/409/EEC) by supporting populations of European importance of the following species listed on Annex I of the Directive:


During the breeding season;
Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus, 40 individuals representing at least 1.8% of the breeding population in Great Britain (Mid-1990s)
Scottish Crossbill Loxia scotica, 10 pairs representing at least 3.3% of the breeding population in Great Britain (1996)



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