SPA description
(information as published 2001)

Ness & Barvas, Lewis

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Ness and Barvas SPA is composed of two separates areas in the extreme north (Ness) and west (Barvas) of the island of Lewis, the most northerly of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. Both areas consist mainly of traditionally managed semi-intensified grassland and marshy areas within crofting land. The Ness part of the site also includes an area of machair common grazing, as well as Loch Stiapavat, a freshwater loch with marshy and botanically rich margins. The site is of European importance as a breeding area for the Annex I species Corncrake Crex crex


Qualifying species

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This site qualifies under Article 4.1 of the Directive (79/409/EEC) by supporting populations of European importance of the following species listed on Annex I of the Directive:
During the breeding season;
Corncrake Crex crex, 18 individuals representing at least 3.8% of the breeding population in Great Britain (5 year mean 1993-1997)



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