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Mixed news for butterflies in 2015

Latest UK Butterfly statistics

Widespread and habitat specialist butterflies struggle with cooler 2015

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Marine Monitoring Method Finder

Search bar and spreadsheet tool

Bringing together a wide range of marine habitat and species monitoring guidelines and procedures for the UK

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New consultation

Six proposed marine SPAs around England

Proposed SPAs in English territorial waters and UK offshore waters around England for rare and vulnerable birds, as well as regularly occurring migratory birds in Europe.

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Consultation launched

Consultation now open on proposed marine SPAs

JNCC and Natural Resources Wales have today launched a consultation on three proposed marine special protection areas (SPAs) in Welsh territorial waters and UK offshore waters around Wales.

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Consultation now open

Consultation on Harbour Porpoise pSACs

The public consultation on the proposals is now open and lasts until 3 May 2016.

Marmalade fly (Episyrphus balteatus) © Wendy Dalton

UK Biodiversity Indicators 2015

Published on 19 January 2016, including new measures on animal genetic resources, distribution of priority species, and expanded coverage for status of pollinators.

Hermit crabs (Pagurus prideaux) with cloak anemones (Adamsia palliata) in Western Channel MCZ © JNCC/Cefas

New areas in English waters awarded environmental protection

Twenty-three new Marine Conservation Zones, including seven offshore MCZs, are being added to the UK’s MPA network. JNCC provided scientific advice on the offshore sites announced, and have produced site information centres for all offshore MCZs.

Curled octopus © Kate Northern/JNCC

JNCC committed to Open Data

Opening up JNCC's data archives

As part of the #OpenDefra campaign JNCC publish data inventory and first batch of marine survey data.

UK National Contact Point  

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JNCC is the UK LIFE National Contact Point from January 2016


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UK Biodiversity Framework

The framework is designed to show how the work of the four UK countries joins up with work at a UK level to achieve the ‘Aichi targets’ and the aims of the EU biodiversity strategy. Read the framework

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Nature News

David Stroud awarded NBN Memorial Medal

JNCC's Senior Ornithologist, David Stroud MBE, has been awarded NBN's Sir John Burnett Memorial Medal.

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David Stroud MBE receives the Sir John Burnett Memorial Medal from the Earl of Selborne © NBN