1044 Coenagrion mercuriale 

SAC/SCI/cSAC distribution

Distribution of SACs/SCIs/cSACs containing species 1044 Coenagrion mercuriale.

Distribution of SACs/SCIs/cSACs with species 1044 Coenagrion mercuriale
  Explanation of grades

Outstanding examples of the feature in a European context.


Excellent examples of the feature, significantly above the threshold for SSSI/ASSI notification but of somewhat lower value than grade A sites.


Examples of the feature which are of at least national importance (i.e. usually above the threshold for SSSI/ASSI notification on terrestrial sites) but not significantly above this. These features are not the primary reason for SACs being selected.


Features of below SSSI quality occurring on SACs These are non-qualifying features (“non-significant presence”), indicated by a letter D, but this is not a formal global grade.