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Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI


Croker Carbonate Slabs candidate SAC (cSAC) was submitted to the European Commission (EU) in 2012 for the protection of the Annex I habitat ‘Submarine structures made by leaking gases’ and was subsequently adopted as a ‘Site of Community Importance’ (SCI). The seabed surface is composed of extensive areas of exposed methane-derived authigenic carbonate (MDAC). Additional data were gathered in 2012 and 2013 that indicated the MDAC extended outside of the original boundary to the east.  These new data prompted JNCC to assess whether the existing site boundary remained appropriate for the protection of MDAC in the region. JNCC reviewed these new data and concluded the seabed is a continuation of the Annex I feature Submarine Structures made by leaking gases in the existing site and it meets the criteria to be included within a SAC. JNCC advise that the boundary of the current SCI should be amended to better reflect the more recent evidence on the presence and extent of the Annex I feature. 

The revised cSAC boundary is a polygon enclosing the minimum area necessary to ensure protection of the Annex I habitat feature, following the known extent of the habitat feature as closely as possible in line with JNCC’s marine SAC boundary definition guidelines (JNCC, 2012).

JNCC reviewed the available information on activities in the existing cSAC/SCI and the area covered by the proposed amended boundary, in conjunction with updated cost figures for any potential impact on stakeholders. The most likely scenario will be that any management measures implemented within the existing site will also be applied to the proposed extension. The full Pre Impact Assessment Screening and Record Document can be downloaded below.

The formal consultation period on the boundary amendment for Croker Carbonate Slabs is open for 12 weeks between 23rd January 2017 and (midnight) 20th April 2017. 


The supporting information is provided in the documents listed below. The Consultation overview document provides further information on how to respond to this consultation. Please read this in combination with the other documents provided.   The easiest way to respond is to fill out the consultation response forms provided here: 

This consultation is being run in combination with Irish Sea Front pSPA, information on this can be found here


Relevant Documentation  
Consultation Overview on two public consultations on Marine Protected Area proposals in the Irish Sea 1,302KB
Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI Boundary amendment document 1,052KB
Pre Impact Assessment Screening and Record Document – N2K Designations 702KB
Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI Selection Assessment Document 2,789KB
Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI Conservation Objectives and Advice on Operations 604KB

 More information on Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI can be found on the Site Information Centre here.